plenary assembly

icon_questionWhat is the plenary assembly?

The Plenary assembly is the student panel, which consists of all students of the University of Applied Science Worms: economics, tourism/ traffic system and computer science.

icon_questionWhat’s happening on the plenary assembly?

You will find out quickly what the AStA is doing right now, what is planned in the future, how they spend the money and much more.

Moreover you get the chance to hand in your suggestions, critics, praise and talk to us directly if there is anything to talk about. Therefore use your voice and do not think that the others may do something.

It affects all of us and we can change and improve things as a unit only.

icon_questionWhen is the next meeting?

The next plenary assembly date is going to be announced on the AStA – or StuPa website and advertised on the campus.

icon_infoYour chance!

The plenary assembly is your chance for concrete participation in taking place in current issues discussions and decisions

icon_questionWhen do we convene the plenary assembly

The plenary assembly can be convene for current occasions – for example when big changes are about to come. Examples would be a national education strike or tuition fees. Furthermore you are able to discuss about political principles. The plenary assembly can give recommendations, resolutions or file a petition for something to the student parliament. Besides, the plenary assembly has the right to choose a ballot. All students enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences Worms have a right of petition, a right to speak and a right to vote at the plenary assembly.

icon_questionWhat are the topics on the plenary assembly

The main topics are: Changes and remake of the constitution of student body (here are all the rights and duties for the student self-administration with all student committees listed (Stupa, AStA, student council etc.), report of the student parliament, report of the AStA, the statement account and personnel changes. The AStA does not have to give a report to the student parliament only, but also to the decision-making bodies of the constituted student body, that means: to you.