icon_questionWhat is ISIC?

The International Student Identity Card – short ISIC- is the only ID of the student status, which is accepted worldwide. With International ID you will receive discounts in more than 110 countries all over the world. It is a document of student mobility to the international understanding which is also accepted by UNESCO.


icon_questionWhere do I receive ISIC?

You can issue your ISIC during the opening hours of the AStA Office. The period of validity is one year from date of purchase. After expiry of the validity you can apply a new ISIC. ( Therefore please hand in your documents!)

icon_questionWhat documents do I need for ISIC?

Your current certificate of enrollment, your Passport /identity card, a passport photo and 15€.

icon_infoISIC- Save money wherever you are!

An “All in one” package for students. The small green plastic card in the size of a credit card with the name “ISIC” (International Student Identity Card) is the essential travelling companion for students abroad and a service card in Germany. The User of the ISIC receive about 33.000 discounts and services worldwide. All over the word there are rewarding reductions at overnight stays, museums, theatres and other leisure-time facilities offer particularly attractive discounts and you can also save money with the transport by bus and train. By showing your ISIC you can even save money when you go shopping and visit restaurants. In Germany the ISIC offers more and more special discounts (ISIC-Specials); the ISIC offers special conditions from the car rental up to the dancing course.

icon_infoImportant tips and notes

Important tips and notes with all known discounts, especially the “ISIC Specials” in Germany can be found in the ISIC Guide, the “Instructions” for the ISIC. The complete list of reductions is online: .

icon_infoIn principle :”Show and ask”.

Besides of the reductions, the ISIC offers important services which offer the students comfort, help and security during their vacations. The ISIC- Helpline is available 24/7 and can organize medicine, legal advices and legal counsellor in emergencies. Students, who want to sign up for a foreign travel insurance contract, receive attractive conditions with the ISIC- Student travel insurance. An additional service is the communication package “ISIConnect”, which offers cheap telephone rental, fax phone, email address and a “Voice-Mail-Box”, where you can leave offline messages for free. The ISIC is accepted in over 100 countries and is due to the recognition by UNESCO and EU the only international student ID.


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